Fall 2013 Classes

Consumer Education




Students learn the consumer education topics required under Illinois law. Through the learning experiences in this course, students gain knowledge, buying skills, and
understanding in the following areas: consumer in our economy, consumer earning and spending decisions, consumer finances, and consumer key purchases.
Key topics included in the course are : budgeting, and life goals, consumer right and responsibilities, credit, financial services, housing, insurance and transportation.


Web Design 1/2



Check out student work on our CTE East!


Using html coding, this skill-level course is designed to prepare students to plan, design, create and maintain web pages and sites.

Students will learn the fundamentals of web page design using HTML, HTML editors, and graphic editors as well as programming tools such as JavaScript.

Students will work in a project-based environment to create working websites. Students will learn to create pages, add hyperlinks, make tables and frames, create forms, integrate images, and set styles. Students will use image editing programs to manipulate scanned images, computer graphics, and original artwork.

Instruction will include creating graphical headers, interactive menus and buttons, and visually appealing backgrounds. Students will use hardware and software to capture, edit, create, and compress audio and video clips.


Accounting 1/2


This class, will have syllabus, assignments, enrichments activities and more information on edline.


Students are provided with an understanding of basic accounting concepts and principles. They have an opportunity to learn about the work-flow of an accounting system, the basic methods of processing business data and financial activities of a service business. Students learn the necessary background for future study in accounting and are also provided with career and technical skills that contribute to success in entry-level jobs such as bookkeeper, bank teller, and payroll clerk.

All of our working papers are online and students can complete or redo problems until they have understanding and mastery. We also do off line critical thinking and math work analyzing financial reports.