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All cites linked below are websites I created when learning the basics of HTML Coding for the first time, some more completed than others due to the learning process in class.

Paradise Mountain Family Resort
Website created for a gathering families together at one resort located just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Paradise Mountain Family Resort is the perfect getaway place for the whole family. Adults can enjoy discounted golf and complimentary use of our health club and tennis facilities while the little ones participate in our popular children's program.

Paradise Gardens Day Spa
A linked website to Paradise Mountain Family Resort, showing how to go from one site to another with jump links, so new need to start up a whole new browsers and being able to go back and forth between sites. This website is one of the activities available at this resort, a full, luxury spa. Offering an array of different services to make your time spent at the resort more enjoyable getaway experience

Star Vacations
Star Vacations site created for brokers rentals of time-share properties. You can search the Web site for the perfect vacation rental property or you can list your own rental.

The most latest project site created for the Morton High School Parent Advisory Council and Parent Teacher Organization, to provide information to parents of students of School Dist. 201, including community resources for parents to use.

A website created to help with all computer needs. In addition, links to sites about the history and background of both most popular computer companies known, Microsoft and Apple.

Metro Water
Metro Water was created to release the latest information about the community water resources and conservation issues.

My Site
A website created freely by ourselves in order to show exactly our skills and what we have learned throughout this beginning semester. My website I decided to base it upon myself.

A website created for the final exam of the first half of web design where everything we learned throughout the semester is put together to create a site.

Lakeland Reed's Bed and Breakfast
First site created when learning a new concept in webdesign and that was creating boxes around content.

Big J's
Big J's Pizza, a website created to learn the


Spotted Wren Garden Center

Hotel Natoma

Revisions Bookstore

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