Jamal's Sites

These are the sites I've made for my web dev class:

Pampered Pups Project

A website I made for my 2nd exam.

Student Handbook

A website I made for my 1st exam.

Lakeland Reeds

A site for a bed and breakfast hotel

Parent Teacher Organization

A site I made for our high school, letting us know more about the parent teacher programs that our school hosts

Murfreesboro Regional Soccer League

A site for the Murfreesboro Regional Soccer League

My Site

A site telling you all about me, and things I will do in the future.

Star Vacations

Rent a vacation home place, located in various beautiful places


A water conservation site, telling us how we can conserve water.

Bits and PCs

A site I made for a computer repair shop


Website I made for a pizza place

Spotted Wren

A site I made for a gardening company.


A website I made about a book store and a cafe

Paradise mountain resort

Paradise Mountain Family Resort

Site about a family resort in Colorado

Paradise Gardens Day Spa

A site for a day spa

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