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Sites I Created In WebDesign 1/2

Utsuho Reiuji This site I made as a personal project for school. This site was made for my favourite game series and character from the series. The first page is a biography on Utsuho Reiuji, the second page has a basic summary of the games plot and heroine of the games Hakurei Reimu and her partner Kirisame Marisa, the final page has gameplay from the games (mostly on lunatic) and some if not all the final bosses of each. The names of each game are on the second page in-order.

Metal Rules This site was created as a partner project for a competition. Me and my partner Thomas Skenandore both worked on this project putting together our favourite bands and music together. I worked on half of this project and he worked on the other half and also finalizing how it looks now. Thanks to him this site looks amazing. If you like the music that's awesome and I hope you continue to like it, if not that's all right too; this music is not for you then.

Pampered Pups Final Project for Web Design semester 2.(not finished)

My Site is the web page i have been working on since the first semester when I began web design here at Morton East High School. This site shows you the current viewers a little in debt view at what I am into and also what I want to be my future job. Please click the link and enjoy your time there at My Site and I also hope that you will learn a little more about how I am and also what I want to do with my life.

Paradise Mountain Family Resort is a site I created to learn how to use html coding. Paradise Family Mountain Resort is a very well adequate place to retreat to when you or your family/friends want a very well deserved relaxation time. I recommend visiting this very interactive resort. Friday night dances are always a hit with the teens, and our new skate park offers one of the finest courses designed to entertain and challenge skaters, whether they are beginners or more experienced.

Star Vacations is a hot spot that can be located in the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas at certain cities. This is one experience you do not want to overlook. Visiting this place of wonder and relaxation will make you feel younger and more alive. When you visit this beautiful and tranquil place it will make one amazing way to get get away from your worldly problems.

Paradise Garden Day Spa combines a tranquil and picturesque environment, with a highly trained, friendly staff and superb services to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable spa experience. Visiting this very well relaxed place will make you feeling like a god or goddess at one of their spa areas.

Parent Teacher Advisory is about how the Morton schools would like the parents of the students in the community to get involved with schools more. Also this will allow parents to know about upcoming school events also involving interacting with their children during these events. Also please click link for any other information about the Morton Schools.

Bits and PC's for 20 years has been serving all your computer needs. Now we invite you to join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary! For all your computer needs BitsPCs can provide you with any help required with your computer. Anything that is needed to be done with your computer Bits and PC's can help with. Our staff is the best that can help you with your computer troubles.

Revisions Site will have more information available in the coming months when more information is distributed.

BigJ Pizza Please visit the link if your interested in getting some of the best pizza around. BigJ has a wide variety of nice pizza dishes and much much more. Go check out BigJ's now! This is for all you pizza lovers in the Chicago land area.

Lakeland This site will provide you with a excellent experience of going to an amazing resort where all sorts of fun can be had. Please visit this site if you're looking for a luxurious get-away from your stress.

SpottedWren Site will have more information available in the coming months when more information is distributed.

Soccer grants you a grand time to make new friends, work with a good team, and provide a great workout. Please click the link and contact them.

Natoma is hotel that can guarantee you a swell time and relaxed time from your busy schedule. This hotel acts as a home away from home providing a nice and refurbished time as you stay with them.

NewYou is a fitness work out site that will allow you to look good and fit within a allotted amount of time. This site gives you a planned workout and how you long you do it.

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