Effects of Video Games

Video games since they first came out have been a very big source a way to pass time and they still are. Its amazing how they went from simple graphics from a game like pong to your modern day video game that are in 1080i HD. That leads to whether video games have a negative or positive effect on you is an entirely different story. Well think of it, they could possibly influence the way we do things in our every day lives but really they have positive effects on anyone who plays them.

While video games are a major pass time where you can play for hours on end, many people think this has a negative effect on someone which in some cases leads to addiction shown here " Video games are becoming increasingly complex, detailed, and compelling to a growing international audience of players. With better graphics, more realistic characters, and greater strategic challenges, it's not surprising that some teens would rather play the latest video game than hang out with friends, play sports, or even watch television."(VideoGameAdiction.org)But not everyone is the same."Of course, all gamers are not addicts - many teens can play video games a few hours a week, successfully balancing school activities, grades, friends, and family obligations" (VideoGameAdiction.org).Now this shows that not everyone is the same when come to playing video games only a small percent of people become actual addicts but its not enough to have a major impact on today's society.

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Page modified by Thomas Skenandore June 6, 2014